A Painting in Cape Elizabeth

I had originally intended to paint in Old Orchard Beach at the crack of dawn on Monday (I was up at 5am walking to my spot!) but I realized I had forgotten a couple of key items from my plein air kit, so I didn’t get very far with my first attempt at that morning. So, after a leisurely breakfast, Ann and I hit an art supply store where I got what I needed and we decided to try somewhere new to paint.  Cape Elizabeth was within a half hour and we'd heard nice things about the place so we took a scenic drive to one of the lighthouses. 

The tide was out and the tidal pools were plentiful.  I was astonished by just how high-key the colors were.  The breeze from the ocean cooled me off even if I was directly in the sunlight.  

This painting is a 9x12" oil on panel.  Interested?  Click HERE.