All Star Baseball

I was a baseball-obsessed kid until about 16.  Games not often enough, practices not long enough, and then begging my dad, mom, and sister to go out to play catch.  I saw myself as a pitcher and would emulate my favorite players, notably Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan.  Furthermore, I was nuts about the Red Sox.  My earliest memory of baseball is actually from the 1986 World Series against the Mets.  I probably wouldn't otherwise remember it but the Red Sox were in it.  From then on I listened to games on the radio as I went to sleep, or on TV whenever I could.  And I had a pretty good baseball card collection (still do, I think!).  

I broke in a few gloves in my day, but my current favorite is this Cooper glove attained from a yard sale that has a kids name, Brad Stott, written in faded Sharpie still on it.  Thanks for breaking it in Brad.