Baby Blue

There's this baby blue building tucked away in Beacon Hill that, despite being one of the only baby blue houses, fits right into a neighborhood of Federal-style rowhouses.  I've long been meaning to paint this building and have set out numerous times to paint en plein air in front of it.  It's never been easy.

One instance when I went out to paint it was this past summer on a beautiful sunny morning.  I'd parked, set up my easel, and begun a painting when all of a sudden a large truck rolled up right in front of my motif.

And so this motif was not to be painted that morning, however, I did move and got in a nice sketch from another angle that would end up being useful for my current painting.  I actually went back to the site two weeks ago and learned that the building is totally obscured by scaffolding and scrim!  

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I've been painting in the studio during inclement weather or when other factors prohibit me from painting outdoors like I just mentioned.  The studio can be a nice change of pace and is quite different from the various stresses of painting outdoors in the elements.  I try to be careful about my drawing and block-in for the painting as that is the basis for the full-color painting to follow.  

My studio-mate saw this and casually mentioned that this would make a nice sepia painting at this point, which may be true but I couldn't resist painting it in full color.  The painting is 30x24" and is oil on canvas, click HERE for more info.