Cycling Shoes - Excited by Paris Roubaix!

This weekend was the Paris Roubaix cycling race, one of the cycling spring "classics".   Notorious for all the sections on cobblestone, the race is tremendously difficult due to length and overall complexity.  Not that I had anything to do with the race - but I am a fan of the sport and was in the studio, so decided to paint my cycling shoes.  I did watch the race, however...excellent racing!  

Below I'll walk you through how I did this, so you can try it at home.  


I often use a home-made viewfinder to define my composition.  

As can be seen in the previous photo, I figured out my composition and then started my drawing.  The drawing is one of the most important parts - without a good drawing, it's tough to have a good painting.

At the end of the session I got this photo, on the floor of the studio.  
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