Fishing for Oysters

I had a very inspirational visit to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in early February with my friend Kevin.  The museum has a wonderful collection of John Singer Sargent paintings, even devoting an entire gallery to his work in the Art of the Americas wing.  Sargent was so prolific that the thoughtfully curated gallery doesn't even include his wonderful murals, frescos, watercolors, and drawings.  Sargent's work has always been hugely influential to me and there so much to learn from his paintings with his brushwork, lighting, and composition.  I especially love his figurative paintings, like his Fishing for Oysters at Concale painting at the MFA.    

With the intention of continuing my never ending education in painting, I chose this painting to paint as a master copy.  It's an incredibly complex painting and hugely challenging work for me, but I'm very interested in figurative work, particularly in the landscape.  To date, this is the most complicated painting I've ever done and no doubt time well spent.

The painting already has a home as you can see above.  

My original painting is a 40x30" oil on canvas.  

Hope you enjoy the photos.  Catch you next time.