Form, Space, and Order

Winter can be a nice time to head into the studio and work on some larger scale paintings.  Plein-air painters have 'rainy-day' paintings and this is one of them, although this was more like a blizzard week painting.  I've been meaning to paint this particular motif for a while now.  If you've read my bio you'll notice I've always been into art, architecture, and construction.  Well as I was starting to get serious about grad school I sought out a long-haired (fast) runner that I'd been friendly with who I'd heard was an architect (SERIOUSLY, YOU MUST OPEN THIS LINK!).  I contacted him over email and we met up multiple times to talk about school and the profession over coffee or beer.  Actually, on one of these meetings, I got to go to his office in Cambridge and he showed me what he was working on...well, it so happens that at that time he was working on some of the early massing models for this building located on Bay State Road.  I was naive about architectural design at the time and what he was telling me seems more clear to me now, but at the time I was so interested in how the form, space, and order of the building came together.  Reflecting on it now as I sit in my art studio writing this, I suppose the reasons this building has always been interesting to me is the way I was initially introduced to it.  

Above: Me and Hank with tasty Heady Toppers in Vermont circa 2013. 


This painting is 48"x24" and is an oil on canvas.  As of today, the painting is still available.  

Take a look at some of the wall previews HERE.