Motif Number 1

America's most painted spot, allegedly.  I found myself there on Sunday and got to work  The passersby were very kind, and didn't seem to mind that I may be in their photo - actually a number of them seemed to try to capture me in a photo and the Motif.  It's a neat place for me to paint as my mother painted this fishing shack in the late 70s (that painting is proudly hanging in my home).  

About my painting...we arrived around 10:30.  Ann went cycling and I set out to find a spot to paint.  I had my eye set on another vantage point, but it turned out to be private property and so I had to adjust my plans.  Once I got set up the contrast was beautiful and would greatly diminish as the sun moved from east to west, so I had to quickly get my colors blocked in.  This painting is the result of a few hours spent painting in some intense sunlight.

12x16" oil on canvas.  Available HERE.