Spike Wrench

I want to paint the things that have been a part of my life and sports, no doubt, have played a huge part - check my bio to see.  Like my other post on running shoes, the spikes I painted have some very specific memories associated with them.  Stanford Invitational, The Penn Relays, The Terrier Classic...I may not have run all my best times in these particular spikes but I remember quite well the seasons I raced in them.  I've since "hung up the spikes" for now, though from time to time the urge does come back to race.  

I threw in a pack of Ritz crackers.  Admittedly it's quite random, but the composition needed another element and it's a very common snack that I'll eat, even when I was racing.  So there you have it - 8x10" oil on panel.   [Edit: this painting has sold]


Here is the same pair of spikes I painted back in 2014.  Same spikes, though the way it was painted was different.