The Built City, Paintings of Boston

What: A solo art show featuring the paintings of Paul William

When: February 19 - March 30

Where: Gallery Seven, 7 Nason St, Maynard MA

The Built City - Paintings of Boston is born out of my enduring admiration for the tangible, three-dimensional reality of the built environment.  Not only for the end result we see today, but the history behind the buildings too. If only the walls could talk...  


This exhibit is to help each of us consider what these buildings makes us feel.  Where is this building? Who inhabits these spaces? What was Boston like when the building was constructed?  It’s important to consider what we know about the modern world and then how these decades and centuries old buildings fit into our lives today, particularly if we want to make them last.

Art, architecture, and building have always been a part of who I am.   These large-scale paintings in this show are studio works that came about after a period of time spent painting en plein air.  I like to consider myself a direct observational painter (like my painting heroes George Nick and Christopher Chippendale), but in the winter of 2018 I fell and fractured my knee cap, limiting me to the studio rather than painting outdoors.  I spent this time painting larger works over the course of days and weeks rather than a spurt of an hour or two en plein air.  I was not happy about being stuck indoors at the time but the work in the studio started to develop and the series grew.  Looking back it was a prolific year.


Opening Reception will be March 9 at Gallery Seven!  
7 Nason St, Maynard MA